The following instructions are for home made kürtős.Kürtőskalács recept

Our industrial recipe is a business secret. It is a lot cheaper and easier to make than the home made version. We kept in sight the internatianally accepted food producing regulations, so the ingredients are chosen for simple storing and using, the dough is made for a regular taste, and doesn't have any unnecessary preservative or coloring matter. When your customer tells you what their need is, you can just put the cake in that kind of topping.
The customers who buy the ovens will get our industrial recipe at the free personal training right after purchase.

So this is the instructions for home made kürtőskalács - chimney cake - chimney bread:

1 kg flour,
0,5 l milk,
5 dkg yeast,
5 spoon sugar,
10 dkg melted butter,
l egg,2 yolk,
l lemon-skin.

Mix the dough well, then let it rise for one hour. Roll it with a
rolling pin. Cut 3 cm slices, then one of the most important move is
coming: rolling, twisting on oily roll.

You need to put lot of oil on it with brush, and roll in sugar. That is why it gets shiny and crunchy outside, while the wooden roll with a knob is rolling in the machine.

When the cake is baked, we stand it on the bottom, let the stove(the hole) chill out.Kürtős bbq

I am sure you will be able to make tasty cakes with your barbeque, but in your shop it is not just the taste or your product that matters. It must be easy to make, easy to handle, and of course everybody must love it, you shouldn't add any weird or strong taste to your kürtős, one will like it, to will not. The topping makes difference between two kürtőskalácses.